With Foust Fleet Leasing you can manage your fleet without leaving your desk.

Our Service
We can do it all for you, from acquisition of your vehicles and/or equipment, commercial/fleet fueling and tracking, to disposition at lease end. During your lease term, we will handle initial tagging, renewals, and property tax payments.

We’ll save You Time
Most owners and managers are busy enough just operating their own business without attempting effective fleet management, which will involve:

  • • Ordering and locating a new or replacement vehicle
  • • Researching and negotiating the best price
  • • Outfitting a commercial truck or van for specific needs
  • • Timely and efficient disposal of an older or high-miled vehicle
  • • Even companies with a designated fleet manager find our established network helpful, especially in the fast acquisition of vehicles and the prompt and priority servicing of fleet vehicles by local dealers.

We’ll Save You $$$ 

Cash Management Strategies
Most business owners and managers prefer cash investments that advance their business, rather than disbursing for vehicles and equipment, which are depreciating assets.
Leasing allows you to preserve your cash while paying only for the months you actually use your vehicle.

Tax Advantage
A true operating lease allows a business to write off the entire lease payment, plus all other vehicle expenses.  When in compliance with Rule 179, the entire vehicle can be written off in the first year.

Purchase Power
Our established network of dealers and independent purchasing agents guarantees that our customers will benefit from lower acquisition costs and great availability.

Lower Monthly Payments
Depending on lease term and residual value, lease payments are typically much lower than a purchase payment.

High Miles?  No Problem.
There are no mileage limitations or penalties in either our Capital Lease or our TRAC lease, and both leases are “open end” with you, the Lessee, considered to be the owner.  For more information about our types of leases, click here.

We’re Independent and Flexible
e’ll lease any make or model, new or high-quality used.
Recently purchased vehicles often qualify for inclusion in your Fleet Leasing Program.
Lease a Dodge diesel pickup this time, switch to a GMC Yukon at lease end.  If your needs change, why shouldn’t your vehicle choice?
You also have the option to purchase or re-lease your same vehicle, or terminate at lease end and we’ll take care of vehicle disposition.

So many options…
We lease heavy machinery and many types of equipment from medical to office.

  • • Uniloaders
  • • Cranes

 We outfit cargo vans and commercial work trucks to your specifications:

  • • Ladder Racks & Bins
  • • Tommy Lifts
  • • Ladder Hoists
  • • Flatbeds/Dump Beds
  • • Service Bodies

Our Mission
Our company and our employees are dedicated to providing service that is beyond our customers’ expectations. We are committed to tailoring a lease to benefit every client. We identify our customers’ positions and help them make the right choices for their business plans. We are goal-oriented and value long-term business relationships.