Our company and our employees are dedicated to providing service that is beyond our customers’ expectations. We are committed to tailoring a lease to benefit every client. We identify our customers’ positions and help them make the right choices for their personal plans. We are goal-oriented and value long-term relationships.


Benefits of Foust Fleet Leasing

  • Saves Cash – Many consumers believe they use their cash better when they invest it in other areas rather than depreciating assets, such as automobiles.
  • Opens a Line of Credit – A line of credit with FFL does not affect your borrowing power with other financial institutions.
  • Experience – FFL has over 45 years of experience. We are committed to offering fast, accurate and sound advice.
  • Purchase Power – Our buying power assures our customers of low acquisition costs and low interest rates.
  • Lower Monthly Payments – Lease payments can be much lower than a typical purchase payment.
  • Service and Convenience – We do all the work. We offer in-house financing, discounted scheduled maintenance, and vehicle disposal at lease end.